L'Accolade Santé mentale
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Our mission


L’Accolade is a non-profit organization providing guidance and support to friends and family of people living with mental illness.

The organization is duly incorporated under Quebec’s Companies Act, Part III, and is a registered charity under the Canada Revenue Agency.

Reasons for incorporation include the following:

  • To give support and information to friends and families whose loved ones are dealing with mental health issues, to provide guidance so they may recognize and leverage their own potential, and equip them with the knowledge and tools they need in order to help one another
  • To let people know what local resources are available, how to use said resources optimally and how best to communicate with representatives of each resource
  • To promote the development of expertise and innovative projects that meet the needs of friends and family
  • To help improve the quality of life for friends and family, and for their loved ones

To raise awareness about mental health problems

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