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Our team


A team that listens!

Board of directors

Our seven volunteer board members are elected during our annual general meeting. At least five of them are members and clients of L’Accolade, and they bring their personal and professional knowledge to the table. Each board member serves a renewable, two-year mandate.

Permanent team

The team at L’Accolade is made up of four permanent employees, three of whom (including the Executive Director) are responsible for front-line duties. They have a university education, undergo continuous training to make sure their skills are up to date, and strictly adhere to our response philosophy and code of ethics.

The management team is made up of the Executive Director, who is in turn supported by the Financial Secretary.


L’Accolade counts on the help of several volunteers to perform various administrative duties. There is always something to do, and our volunteers devote their time in accordance with what they enjoy doing and what motivates them.

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