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Annual fees: $15 per individual member – $20 per family (at the same address). The membership payment cannot be considered as a donation.

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Membership benefits:

Receiving the quarterly Cœur à Chœur newsletter [French only] and activities calendar by mail. If you have an email address, you can also receive them by email;

Looking up and borrowing books and videos from our resource centre;

Participating in events and training sessions reserved for members (e.g., the annual general meeting, our federation’s conference, training on various mental illnesses);

Discounts on the costs of certain activities (e.g., conferences, the Christmas dinner);

Participating in L’Accolade’s community life and knowing the satisfaction that comes with helping the people who need it most.

Community Life

Community life is at the heart of not-for-profit organizations. Many activities are planned throughout the year to allow loved ones to meet, gather and talk about their expectations and needs.

L’Accolade subscribes to the eight criteria associated with autonomous community action.

The eight criteria that apply to autonomous community action organizations*

  1. Having a not-for-profit status;
  2. Being well established in the community;
    Committees, work groups with members, connections to other community organizations, participating in consultations, etc.
  3. Maintaining a community-based, democratic life;
    Board of directors, orientation, consultation mechanisms with the work team, volunteers and members. Holding an annual general meeting.
  4. Being free to shape the mission, direction, approach and practices of the organization;
    Defined according to the will of the organization’s members and board of directors.
  5. Having its establishment rooted in the initiative of people in the community;
    A mission set by founding members; a mandate defined by the members and communities concerned.
  6. Pursuing a social mission that favours social change, specific to the organization;
    The organization’s mission is focused in the fields of social outreach, social development and social transformation.
  7. Demonstrating citizen practices and broad approaches with a global focus on the issue;
    Mobilizing people for community action: consultations, assemblies, popular education activities. Designing precise interventions or services to act on the causes of problematic situations more directly.
  8. Being managed by a board of directors independent from the public system;
  9. Ensuring that individuals are elected by members during the general meeting; the board of directors is created independently from the public system and other investors.

*As is specified in government policy. [Community action: a crucial contribution to the exercise of citizenship and the social development of Québec (September 2001), and the Cadre de référence en matière d’action communautaire (community action reference framework) (August 2004).]

Online application form

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